Funkidz Tech Club: Week 2

This is the second week of our six week program. with the wonderful kids . The day began on a high note though it was quite chilly. We played games I sent a letter to my mother and it was so much fun watching the outreach guys being outrun by the kids.

Once the games were done we went into the house where we started making cool stuff. But before that, there was a demonstration of how to use the picco and how  to make cool stuff such as cars, trains e.t.c

Soon enough the kids got into it once they knew what each part did and boy did they get into it. One of the kids making a really cool car made out of the legos

These two are busy picking up pieces to decorate their invention. I wonder what they made.

Once they build the car of their choice, they where of to the computer station to program it to do really fun stuff..

Here’s a look at this car. Hard to believe kids can build this from scratch. Just goes to show you what can happen when you give kids a little bit of rope, they PULL..

Once the program was set, this youngster was on his merry way.

Here’s a look at another group hard at work.

WOAH!! Talk about powerful yet elagant. 

Here’s another look at what was going on this saturday.

These children upped their game this weekend and opted to build a helicopter.

And here’s a robot that one child was insistent on making. Goes to show what a little determination can get you.

Watch this space for updates on this coming weekend.


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