FunKidz Tech Club: Week 3


This week, we changed venues to the FunKidz town office situated on Muthithi Road opp. The Nairobi Museum. We started with a series of game, mainly Simon says. This loosened up the kids for the work we had lined up for them. Right away we started the session with an introduction of Scratch, a program that allows anyone to make anything from a video to a pictorial with the littlest amount of effort.

The kids had a lot of fun letting their imagination run free on the desktop screens. After that we sat them down for ten minute clip on the Solar system (above).

We went right on and started on the picocricket Below you can see the littlest going through the basics.


After the orientation, we set on for the day’s project, a theme park full with fun activities. We envisioned a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, trains and an assortment of light fixtures. Each child got to pick what they felt most passionate about and we helped them along.

This young boy was busy making his Ferris Wheel.

These ones were piecing together the light fixtures.


The train seems to be coming along well in this one.



Uh! The Merry-go-round looks half done. Not bad.




Final preparations before the theme park could be open for friend’s and family.


Parents and volunteers eagerly anticipating the opening. I wonder how awesome it is.




The children all got a chance to talk a little about their inventions which sent the parents into a series of claps and adjuration for all their hard work.



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