Meet Our Team

The FabLab Robotics Outreach Programme (FROP) is affiliated with FabLab Nairobi. Through the the outreach, we are taking technology to the youth both primary and secondary school. Through this programme, we aim to inspire the children to take interest in science and to challenge their way of thinking.


Our team felt priviledged to have a FabLab (fabrication lab) within our engineering faculty at the University of Nairobi. Recognizing how difficult it is for young people to get into the competititve STEM programs at the university as well as access high tech tools and equipment, we set out to share these skills and tools with less priviledged youth and this way, enable them to become innovators, makers, tinkerers and positive change makers in their communities.
Team Awesome

FROP was developed over five years ago at the FabLab (Fabrication Lab) Nairobi which is based at the University of Nairobi’s Mechanical Engineering school.  The program aims at introducing basic engineering to secondary students so as to provide a practical approach to the concepts taught in class. It also serves as a means of tapping into the students’ potential in science and technology by encouraging their creativity, and subsequently their aspiring to undertake technical studies in higher learning institutions. A special focus is given towards encouraging female students to take up careers in science-related fields.


Our team is mainly composed of engineering students and alumni at the University of Nairobi school of engineering, stemming from the electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental and geospatial engineering faculty. We are passionate about making science and tech education fun and enjoyable through hands-on learning.


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